Energy Assessments

Our residential and commercial energy assessment includes the following:

  • An interview to determine past fuel usage, comfort issues, and structural issues the client has had in the past.
  • A blower door test to measure the amount of air leakage in your home measured in cubic feet per minute.
  • An inspection with a thermal imaging camera to determine where the air is leaving your home.
  • A heating service inspection using diagnostic equipment to test the efficiency of your heating source.
  • 320-new100 0081-croppedAn inspection of duct work in the home to ensure its efficiency.
  • A health and safety inspection to ensure the house has proper ventilation, carbon monoxide detectors, etc.
  • An inspection of appliances to see if they are energy efficient.
Weatherization in Vermont

Hi Elliott,

Thanks for tightening up our home. We look forward to lower fuel bills next winter.

It was a pleasure meeting you and your professional staff.

Edna Marteneau and Cynthis Meiga
Weatherization in Vermont